Managing you economy is just as important as military strategy in Legion. All troops require recources, and there are three of them; food, iron, and lumber.

Food. This is produced at farms and vinyards. It is necessary for all units.

Iron. This is produced at mines. Units that use a lot of armor, such as legionaries, rely heavily on iron.

Lumber. Produced at lumber mills. Archers use lots of this-- it is also needed to construct buildings.

Now, what is the most efficient way for your cities to manage their resource production? One strategy is to have each city specialize in their own resource. When you build Guilds (refer to the buildings section to learn more about them), then, they will maximize the output of all your production buildings in the city. The drawback to this is that if one city gets taken, your economy will be severely damaged. If you go for this plan, make sure your town is well defended.

Please come over to the section. They are a vital part of your city and economy.